About Me

Hi! My name is Donetta Dalman and I’m so glad you’ve decided to check out my site. One of the main things I'm passionate about and would like to share with you is health and wellness. A few years ago a different way of life kind of fell into my lap and when that happened it ignited a passion in me that had never existed before. I found out that the way I was living - specifically the way I was eating - wasn’t healthy at all and when I started learning more about food, nutrition, and health I knew I had to share what I was learning with others.

When I first started sharing, it was just in one on one communication because people were asking me what I was doing that was making such a difference. Then I started a group on Facebook to share things I was learning and provide a little support to others who wanted to make a change.

But now is the time to take this more public and really work hard to share this knowledge with others. I truly believe we can change our lives for the better if we follow a different path - a path toward wellness.

As I began writing about health and wellness, I realized I have a lot of other things I'd love to write about so I decided to expand my site and include other topics. I hope you’ll find the things that I share on this site helpful to you as we go through this journey called life. If you have questions along the way please feel free to comment or message me and ask!

A little more about the health and wellness side…

I am by no means a health expert, a medical professional, or anything like that. The keto diet was introduced to me in July 2019 and within a month I had lost a decent amount of weight. I decided there was really something to changing my diet so I have been researching and reading about health and nutrition ever since then. I have read tons of materials in order to get a broad range of opinions, thoughts, and ideas about what constitutes healthy eating and I love sharing that knowledge here.

I was able to lose about 40 pounds and went from a 14 (sometimes pushing 16) to an 8 just by changing my diet. But over time this has become MUCH more than just losing weight but has become about health. The extra weight is just a symptom of a much bigger problem and that’s what I’m trying to fix.

I’m not one of those die-hard keto police people though. I do believe there are other healthy ways to eat but all of them involve the same basic principles…biggest of all - eliminating sugar. So this isn’t necessarily all about keto so much as it is about sharing information about health and wellness so that I can try to help you make good choices and be healthy.

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