Getting Older

How many of us, on any given day, look at ourselves in the mirror and dislike what we see because we see that age creeping in?

Getting Older
Photo by Danie Franco / Unsplash

How many of us, on any given day, look at ourselves in the mirror and dislike what we see because we see that age creeping in? Maybe we have a few more gray hairs than we used to, maybe we have some extra wrinkles around our eyes or on our forehead, or maybe we're looking down at our hands and wondering where those old lady (or old man) hands have come from! It's easy to get caught up in these thoughts toward ourselves - especially in the culture that we live in where youth and beauty are sought after at almost any expense.

You can look around at any magazine, billboard, or commercial and see that youth and beauty are celebrated. Botox is the norm, plastic surgery seems to be pretty common for Hollywood, and everyone seems to be trying to keep their bodies looking young.

I'll admit that sometimes I do look in the mirror and dislike what I see. I see a few more wrinkles, I see skin on my neck that's not so tight and smooth anymore, I see more and more gray hair..although one benefit of having blonde hair is that it blends in a little more and gives some natural highlights. That's what I tell myself so don't take that way from me. ha!

Anyway, we probably all get down on ourselves at one time or another as we go through the aging process but here's what I try to tell myself to keep a positive spin on it - not everyone gets to live to the age I am now. Not everyone gets to worry about wrinkles and gray hair. I'm living life and living it well and I choose to celebrate the aging process because that means I'm still here. That means I've gone through things and survived. It means I've weathered some storms and come out on the other side stronger than before. My body might be showing signs of getting older but that's okay. I'd rather be showing signs of age and continue to live this life enjoying the things I love and, more importantly, spending time with the ones I love than the alternative.

If you're struggling with how you look, focus on the things you can control. Go shopping and find a new outfit that makes you feel gorgeous. Head to the salon and get your nails done so instead of looking down at your hands and not liking how old they look, you see your super fun nails with cute colors or a fun design. Call your hair stylist and go in for a new cut and color and choose something that makes you feel beautiful or sassy!

But the important thing to remember is that none of that matters to those who love you. Your friends and family love you for who you are on the inside - not what you look like on the outside. So if you do choose to make some changes or have some fun with your appearance, don't do it trying to impress others. Do it for yourself. Do it only so you can look in the mirror and love yourself. Do it for confidence. Because your people will love you no matter what clothes you're wearing or what color your hair is.

Choose today to be thankful for the years you've had on earth rather than be disappointed in what your years have done to your body. We all get old, we all get wrinkles - there's no shame in that. Wear it proudly and be thankful for another day in this life and live it well.