The Basics of Eating a Ketogenic Diet

Getting started on the keto diet is simple and it can transform your health and your weight.

The Basics of Eating a Ketogenic Diet

If you’ve known me for awhile or you’ve read some of my writing - here or in other places - you’ve heard some of this before but some of it is always worth repeating and I’m always finding new information to share too. :) I’ve really enjoyed making nutrition and health such a big part of my life the last few years. I’ve always tried to be healthy - to eat good things and to exercise - but after decades of not losing the weight, James and I decided to try the keto diet in 2019.

It changed our lives forever!

One important truth about keto.

I’ve never been one to try fad diets to lose weight. Rather my focus has always been on eating good foods, while counting my calories and exercising — the typical recommended plan. So when James asked me about trying the keto lifestyle, I was very hesitant because fad diets never work long term.

Somehow he convinced me to give it a try for 30 days to see what we thought.

We did that, and not only was I hooked, it became a passion of mine. I began to read book after book about nutrition and the keto lifestyle and I have learned so much! It’s definitely NOT a fad diet but a very healthy way to eat that can completely transform our health and our bodies.

One of the biggest things that’s important to understand is that it has to be a lifestyle change. It’s not a “diet” that you do for awhile and then go back to what you were doing before. Besides, if what you were doing before got you to the point you felt needed to do something different, why would you go back?

The basics of a ketogenic diet

Eating keto is basically getting the proper balance of macros – generally that’s going to be about 5% carbohydrates, 20% protein, and 75% fats. I know that sounds crazy because we all grew up being told that fat is bad, but it’s not true! And there are so many studies out there to prove it too.* Carbs are SO bad for us – especially sugar – and eliminating that from your body will completely transform your health.

Deficiencies in protein and fat cause disease but there are no diseases that result from carbohydrate deficiency. None. We don’t need carbs to live but we DO need fats and protein. Anything that raises insulin, halts weight loss and stimulates significant inflammation. Inflammation is the cause of most diseases of civilization so avoiding carbs just makes sense for a healthy body.

Just say no to sugar!

Sugar is the main cause of inflammation in our bodies and inflammation is the root of most of our diseases. Eliminate sugar and you can reverse many diseases. And one of the biggest reasons to eat a keto diet is to help fight cancer. Cancer feeds on sugar so if you cut sugar out of your diet, you’re helping yourself have a lower risk of developing it. I’m not trying to say a keto diet will cure cancer but it definitely improves your chances!

Even if I wasn’t losing weight, I would want to eat this way because of the nutritional value and the affect it has on diseases. It’s that beneficial.

Photo by Faran Raufi on Unsplash

Finding success with keto

James and I both wanted to lose weight and that was the whole reason we started eating a ketogenic diet. I’ve struggled for years to lose weight and had pretty much given up. Finally for the first time in my life, I have found something that not only works great but it’s easy to do!

We were both able to lose about 40 pounds by eating this way. I can’t even tell you how exciting it was to see the number on the scale dropping each week and to have all my clothes end up too big. I had to pretty much replace my entire wardrobe in order to get clothes that fit me!

But even more than losing weight, I’m so happy to be getting both of us in a much healthier body. James and I have both had great results when we’ve had our physicals and lab work done each year since we started this.

Want to learn more about keto?

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*The books I shared are full of information about studies and information from doctors to show how fat is actually good for our bodies and how the keto diet makes us healthy and fights disease.