You Are Your Own Best Advocate

One of the things that I believe is SO important is spending time doing your own research and educating yourself on your body, nutrition, and how it all fits together.

You Are Your Own Best Advocate
Photo by Sincerely Media / Unsplash

One of the things that I believe is SO important is spending time doing your own research and educating yourself on your body, nutrition, and how it all fits together. Too many of us have just blindly followed what our doctors have told us because we believed they had our best interest at heart and would never tell us something that wasn’t true. There’s no judgment for that because that’s what SHOULD be the case. But sadly, it isn’t what’s always happening anymore.

While I don’t think most doctors are intentionally leading us down the wrong path, I DO believe that a lot of doctors do not pay attention to the current studies and research enough to know that there’s a serious problem with the medical advice we’ve been given over the last 50 years. They go with the status quo, they believe the lies that we’ve been fed about fat, calories, cholesterol, and more, and they just regurgitate that information to us because they haven’t done the research to find out what our bodies truly need.

Another problem is the internet. If you google a question or you ask something on social media, you’re going to find a lot of different information and much of it will be garbage. Please don’t be that person that believes something just because you read it online. I’ve googled things before just to see what pops up first and it’s astounding to see the misinformation and flat out lies that are perpetuated online - even by some of the organizations you’d think you should be able to trust the most. But when you mix profits in with medicine and it becomes a business, profits become more important than the truth.

All of that to say, please do yourself a favor and truly do some research of your own. As much as I love sharing things here with you and I love that you’re reading my posts, I don’t even want you to take my word for things. I want you to dig in and find out things for yourself so you KNOW what’s truth and what’s not. When you equip yourself with knowledge, you’ll be so much more prepared when you’re shopping at the grocery store, when you’re preparing your food, and even when you go to the doctor.

To help you with this education and research, I’ve compiled a list of books that I’ve read that have helped me tremendously. They’re written by doctors, trainers, nutritionists, researchers, journalists, and scientists - a wide variety of people who have studied the effects that our diet has had on our health and shared their knowledge with us so we can learn from it and do better. The great thing about these books is they share studies that show hard evidence to support what they’re saying - not just rhetoric that’s been shared over and over again with no factual basis.

I would encourage you to save the list and work your way through the books and learn for yourself what makes our body work most efficiently and what’s tearing it down and making us sick. Your future self will thank you. :) I continue to study health and nutrition daily so I will also be adding to the list as time goes by so you will find new suggestions from time to time.

Do you have a favorite book you’ve read to help you understand the human body, health, and/or nutrition? I’d love for you to share it so I can check it out if I haven’t read it.